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As Professor Emerita, Dalhousie University, I have the luxury of working on challenging and even wicked problems. My research and consulting practice focus on transportation and global supply chain management. I am particularly interested in the relationships between the buyers and sellers of transportation services. A Canada–US Fulbright scholar at George Mason University in 2005, I investigated the impact of security regulations on the US’ maritime container trade. In 2010, as a Visiting Scholar at the Institute for Transport and Logistics Studies at the University of Sydney, I examined the coastal shipping market in Australia and how buyers make mode choice decisions. The research findings are particularly interesting if you think that carbon pricing is worth pursuing. It has also won the International Association of Maritime Economists best paper 2011 prize and the Korea Association of Maritime Industry Prize 2012. Read this research before you make up your mind on how we solve global challenges like climate change.
With a passionate interest in how to make Canadian supply chains better, and a keen eye on the world of shipping and ports, I founded the Port Performance Research Network in 2001 to examine how to make ports more effective in adding value to their users’ supply chains through governance reform and benchmarking. I also have an active research program in the area of short sea shipping.
My transportation consulting practice focuses on understanding my clients needs and helping them create value for those they serve. This may range from conducting credible research, acting as an expert witness, seeking answers to wicked questions, running a focus group or providing corporate education in the transportation management and international marketing fields. I am keen to help others find a way forward in both complex and complicated situations.

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