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Dr. César Ducruet works since 2009 as research fellow for the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) at the research laboratory UMR 8504 Géographie-Cités (Sorbonne University). His research interests as a geographer include transport networks, territorial integration, and spatial analysis, through the looking glass of urban-port development and maritime networks, with a special focus on Europe and Asia. His past experiences in South Korea (KRIHS) and The Netherlands (Erasmus University) have resulted in several collaborations with many foreign colleagues, finalised in numerous book chapters and peer-reviewed journals. He has given regular lectures in Asia (Korea, China) and Europe (Belgium, France, The Netherlands), and is currently involved in several research projects on port cities and maritime networks such as ESPON-TIGER and Marie Curie ERG (Europe), OECD (expert), and CNRS-PE/PS (France). His current research activity is the elaboration of a global vessel movement database on the 1890-2010 period, to analyse the evolution of ports, port cities, port systems, and regionalisation/globalisation processes in maritime networks. He also coordinates an informal research group on network analysis in geography in Paris.

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