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Ricardo J.

Ricardo J Sanchez is an economist graduated from the University of Salvador, Argentina, in 1983. Postgraduate studies: PhD in Economics (candidate) from the Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina and MSc in Economics and Administration of Public Utilities from the University of Paris X and University Carlos III in Madrid, Spain. He was born in Argentina, August 28th, 1958.
Ricardo is an internationally recognised expert in shipping and port economics, as well as in transport and infrastructure, with special focus on the region of Latin America and the Caribbean. He has worked either professionally or academically in 28 out of the 33 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean along 33 years, as well as in Europe and Asia.
His main research interests are shipping and port economics, including the maritime cycle, port devolution, national maritime policies and industrial organization applied to shipping markets. He holds more than 160 publications among books, chapters in books, peer reviewed articles, working papers, etc.
He is a Senior Economic Affairs Officer at the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin American and the Caribbean (UN-ECLAC). Currently he is the Regional Expert on Ports, Maritime Transport and Infrastructure; main fields of work are infrastructure, maritime, ports and logistics affairs, and physical regional integration.
Member of the following academic and professional associations: the International Association of Maritime Economics (IAME), the International Navigation Association (PIANC), the Port Performance Research Network (PPRN), and the Argentine Association of Political Economy (AAEP). Between 2006 and 2011 was a member of the Council of IAME.
Professional career: both in the private sector with local and foreign companies and in the public sector with international agencies and the Argentine Federal Government.
Professional focus: currently devoted to areas of Maritime Economics; Economy of Regulations; Infrastructure and Transport Economics.
Research and teaching: former Visiting Professor at University of A Coruña, Spain (Maritime Studies Institute). Previously, he spent ten years at Austral University in Argentina (1997-2007) acting as Research Project Director of Regulation and Infrastructure Area, especially devoted to fluvial, maritime and surface transport, as well as regulations and infrastructure matters.
Former Director of Continuous Education at the Higher Institute of Government Economists in Argentina, and member of the Academic Committees of two Master’s Programs in Government Economics, and Director of the Postgraduate Course in Public Economics at the ISEG-Buenos Aires University/San Andrés University.
Has also served as Consultant for the Services Division of the Latin American Integration Association (LAIA), The World Bank, for RENFE (National Network of Spanish Railroad), for CEPA (Salvadorian authority for Ports, Airports, and Railways), Latinports, the Mexican Association of Port Terminals, and collaborator of the CAF (Development Bank of Latin America) and the OAS Inter-American Committee on Ports.

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