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I am the leader for ports, shipping and freight within CSIRO's digital innovation agency Data61. I have a proven success managing transformational ICT and other improvement projects for public, private, and international port/maritime organizations. My strong point is my ability to mix industry expertise and leverage technology and other advancements to improve port, logistics and trade operations.

My current focus is on innovative applications of data analytics (machine learning, optimisation etc.) and technology (IoT) in the ports, shipping and freight industries. I am active in the startup ecosystem and believe that data will be the new form of competition in the ports and maritime industry in a few years' time.

I hold a PhD in port economics and management with vast experience as a senior ports and maritime transport and logistics expert. I was advisor of the Secretary General for Ports and Ports Policy in Greece, had a key role in the “Port Performance Indicators: Selection and Measurement – PPRISM” project, undertaken by the European Seaports Organization (ESPO) and lectured Maritime Economics, International Maritime Policy, Port Planning & Policy, Port Management and European Port Policy at under-graduate and post-graduate level in the University of the Aegean. I am also a founding member of, a web-based initiative advancing knowledge exchange on port economics, management & policies.

I am regularly invited as a speaker or moderator in highly profiled conferences covering topics such as: Big data, digital transformation, performance indicators, disruptive innovation, port economics and management, business cycles etc.

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