The 8th International Harbour Masters Association (IHMA) Congress

The 8th IHMA Congress in Cork, May 2012, will explore and address the changing landscape of ports and how these changes are redefining the role of harbour masters in the future.

Addressing the theme, "Marine experience: Can we manage tomorrow's port without it?" the 2012 IHMA Congress will showcase technical and operational breakthroughs together with international case studies on the development and management of modern port and marine operations across the globe.

The Congress will address the following key issues:
  • The role of the Harbour Master in port management and development
  • The legal powers of the Harbour Master in new commercial landscape
  • Managing the decline of nautical expertise in shipping and the port industry
  • Port performance, port competition and the Harbour Master
  • International harmonisation of port rules, regulations and procedures
  • Cost cutting, efficient and safe operations in tomorrow's port
View the detailed program here or download it here

The PortEconomics Initiative

PortEconomics is a web-based initiative aiming to advance knowledge exchange on seaport studies. Established by maritime economists affiliated to academic institutions in Belgium, Greece and the Netherlands. It provides freely accessible research, education, information, and network-building material on critical issues of port economics, management and policies. The main objectives of PortEconomics are: (a) to develop and promote resources for increased quality port studies; (b) to disseminate the activities and cutting-edge port research and analysis conducted by the group members and associates; and (c) to foster a knowledge exchange network of scholars, policy-makers, practitioners and students interested in port studies.

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